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Our current mymail package includes:

  • 12 FREE postage resets per annum
  • Free Royal Mail Franking Licence
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Integrated Digital Scales
  • FREE personalised logo
  • Free SMS text facility ? enables alternative advertising

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Does your business send out more than 5 items of post per day? If yes, than mymail can save you both time & money!

"The secret to success - professionalism with a personal touch. The mymail postage meter lets you reflect your success. At the touch of a button your mail goes out with your own personalised advertising cliché."

What does the envelope weigh? How much postage should we put on it? mymail knows the answer. The integrated scale weighs mail up to 2 kilograms and automatically calculates the right postage. Need more postage? No problem! Simply download the postage value through your telephone line.

The mymail postage meter lets you compose an important message for your customers (just like an SMS) - right on the envelope! mymail makes this possible. Compose text with the keyboard and print onto each envelope... that's it . . . it's that simple. A clever way to make your mail stand out.

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